Our region near Lyon


 - GENAY :

  Despite its growth, Genay still is a village, between the town and the countryside, full of its past and traditions. Organized tours let us find out the history of the "Franc-Lyonnais" capital. 





  Small town edged by the Saône, with nice shopping streets, organized tours to discover historical remnants...




- TREVOUX (9 km) :

  Small historical town, situated on the left side of the Saône, opposite the Beaujolais, Trévoux has been the "Princedom of the Dombes" capital ; it has a rich patrimony in culture, nature (view-point from the castle, the river) and in diamond industry.




- ARS-sur-FORMANS (15 km) :

   The village of the "Curé d'Ars" of which the story and the life are explained in a museum (the 1st produced by Grévin in Rhône Alpes : www.musee-ars.org) is always an important place of pilgrimmage.




  Marvellous flowered town of Châtillon, with nice houses suggestive of the Middle Ages. Three museums : "traditions and life", museums of the apothecaries and of the miniature train.



- LA DOMBES (10 km) :

  Situated between Genay and the Bresse, this region let us discover many pools and animals living there. There are many organized tours  to take a ride in this quiet and magnificent landscape. You can also visit the birds' sanctuary, interesting for children and for adults. The Dombes is also famous for gastronomy traditions : frogs, carps, chickens...

For more details look at "http://ladombes.free.fr".




- PEROUGES (28 km) :

Splendid middle ages city, with many archaeological, cultural and gastronomical resources. Many animations all along the year.





- The cars museum in ROCHETAILLEE (8 km) :

Created in 1960 by Henri Malartre, it's the first cars museum in France. It presents a large cars collection unusual or famous, but also many cycles and motor-cycles. (www.musee-malartre.com).

- LYON (20km) :

Fascinating town, with a lot of contrasts, from the Croix-Rousse or Fourvière slopes to the modern district of Part-Dieu, through the peninsula, find out all the diverse sights.Many museums about traditions and town history, exhibitions, cabarets... Organized tours in the old quaters (the "traboules") ... and of course the cooking tradition and the gastronomy in the "bouchons lyonnais". More details on : www. lyon-france.com


- The Beaujolais and the country of "Pierres Dorées"  :

  At less than 30 mn from Genay, this region presents very various lanscape. In the south, the marvellous villages of the "Pierres Dorées" country. In the north, a wild mountain with fir-trees, with splendid panoramas on the Saône Valley, tthe Alpes and the Mont Blanc. In between, the Beaujolais' vineyard and its many castles, its cellars and traditionnal restaurants.